Excise and Taxation Department - Government of Haryana
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Legal Notice

Amendments in ACT by Ordinance

14th January, 2016 Regarding amendments in Section 59A of HVAT ACT 2003 Click here to view
25 August, 2015 Regarding amendments in Sections 2, 8, 15A, 16, 17, 34 & 60 of HVAT ACT 2003 Click here to view (English) (Hindi)
26 November, 2014 Amendment in Section 59 & 60 of HVAT ACT 2003 Click here to view
04th September, 2014 Inserting Sec. 59 A for making enabling provision for amnesty scheme.Click here to view
10th January, 2014 Amendment of Section 28 of the Act – Regarding raising limit of cash memo. Click here to view
12th December, 2013 Amendment of Section 7 of the Act – Regarding withdrawal of concessional sale facility to the Government. Leg34/2013.Click here to view
04th October, 2006 Leg27_2006.Click here to view
16th June, 2006 Leg23_2006.Click here to view